Children's ear defenders

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Ear defenders - children aged 3+

Ear defenders - children aged 3+

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Children's ear defenders (ear muffs / hearing protection)

Children's ear defenders (ear muffs / hearing protection)

Our ear defenders protect children's hearing from permanent damage caused by loud noises. The ear defenders attenuate damaging loud noises while allowing children to hear other ambient sounds.

Why do my children need ear defenders?
You may well take your children to an environment where noise levels excceed the recommended maximum of 85 decibels (dB(A)). Do you ever take your children to events such as motor racing, airshows or concerts? Does your child go on school trips to workplaces where the employees are expected to wear ear defenders? Just 5 minutes in a noisy place can damage your children's hearing for the rest of their lives.

Some toys, e.g. toy guns, expose children to noise levels of above 85dB(A).

Ear defenders for children
Wide foam filled ear muffs ensure the ear defenders do not squeeze too hard on the child's head. The ear defenders have a sturdy construction but are lightweight (only 160g).

Our ear defenders comply with BS EN352-1: 1993, the European Standard for hearing protection and hearing defenders. Therefore they are suitable for children to use in workplace settings which require hearing protection devices.

Our children's ear defenders are a single size which fits all children from age 3 to 16. The ear defenders are adjustable - each side of the ear defenders is adjustable in length. Place the ear defenders on the child's head and alter the length of each side so that the child's ear is covered by the ear muff. If stored carefully the ear defenders should last your child many years and adjust as they grow.

How does noise cause hearing loss?
The human inner ear contains around 15,000 special hearing ‘hair’ cells, which enable us to hear a vast range of sounds from the low buzzing of a bee, to the high pitch laughter of a young child. Each of these cells is precious because, if damaged by loud noises, it can never be replaced.

Hearing loss can be caused by a one-time exposure to a very loud sound like an explosion, or by extended exposure to loud sounds over a long period of time, as would be the case in many industrial settings.

The intensity (loudness) of sound is measured decibels. Long or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. The louder the sound, the shorter the time period before hearing loss can occur. Sounds of less than 75 decibels, even after long exposure, are unlikely to cause hearing loss.

Children along with people of all ages can be affected by hearing damage:
in the workplace (e.g. children on educational visits to workplaces)
in recreational settings (e.g. shooting, woodworking, loud concert music)
and at home (e.g. older children's loud music, lawnmowers and other garden power tools). Hearing loss in children from these sources of noise completely preventable if children wear ear defenders / hearing defenders when exposed to noise.

Ear defender noise attenuation values (dB):
SNR 24 (average attenuation (noise reduction))
H 31 (high frequency noise reduction)
M 21 (medium frequency noise reduction)
L 14 (low frequency noise reduction)

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